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Ajax Trail

-1.5 miles - Easy - Not stroller friendly

Ajax trial can be accessed from either Ajax Park on the east end or Koch Park on the west. This is a very flat and easy trail that traverses the lower side of Aspen Mountain and under the Silver Queen Gondola. There are both shady and exposed areas of the trail so bring a hat and sunscreen. My kids love this trail because of the many dandelions, wildflowers, lamb's ears, and acorns that can be found. We also often see deer, foxes and other wildlife. While not as expansive as Smuggler or Ute, there are decent views of Aspen along the trail. Another cool feature of this trail is an abandoned mine. While there isn't much left, there is a retaining wall, the slight, lingering smell of oil, and a sign that marks the sight and describes the history of the mine. You might find an artifact if you look closely in the area!

Kids blowing dandelions with the Silver Queen Gondola above.

Kids love Lamb's Ears! A soft "pet" to keep in your pocket for the day.

View from Ajax Trail.

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