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Cocoon + Hive

Cocoon and Hive brings you LIVBionic, America’s first FDA confirmed general wellness activewear brand powered by Nanobionic technology- improving circulation so you can work, perform, play, sleep and recover with energy to spare.

Cocoon and Hive stands as a pinnacle in the realm of activewear, capturing my heart as my ultimate favorite brand. Crafted by my friend, Olivia, a multifaceted Aspen local celebrated for her roles as an artist, devoted mom, and enterprising entrepreneur, this brand emerges with a mission to bestow not just stylish attire but garments designed to rejuvenate the body. LIVBionic's ingenious technology not only imparts a literal healing touch but also elevates the versatility and comfort of each piece, transforming her entire collection into my indisputable go-to for every sporting endeavor.

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