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Like to Hike? You Need The Foot Foundation

I'm a super pronator. In other words, I have flat, Flintstone feet. I can thank my father for that genetic gift. I've tried so many orthotics, arch supports, padding, even foot strength training in the gym and finally landed on some $500 orthotics made by a tennis specialist. While they did not plague me with the problems that I had encountered with other foot solutions, mainly blisters, and had done a decent job of preventing any foot injuries I probably would have encountered without them, I really did not know what I was missing until I tried The Foot Foundation's custom footbeds. My custom footbeds have given me the ability to hike and play tennis (my two favorite things) every day, day after day, without pain. Not only have they fixed my plantar fasciitis and collapsing arches, but they have realigned my entire body. The sciatica flareups and lower back pain after a long hike or tennis match are all gone since I switched to The Foot Foundation's footbeds. Many, many thanks to Eric, owner of The Foot Foundation, for changing my life!

Visit to learn more and book an appointment today!

The super cool printer creating my custom footbeds.

The finished product! Bring your hiking boots, tennis shoes, etc. so Eric can make sure they fit snugly within.

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